Looking to protect your investment?

We can help you get covered.

Below are some reputable livestock insurance companies who will work on your behalf

to cover your purchases from sale day to show ring. 

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Shayna Dorsey – Agency Principal
Olive Insurance Agency, LLC
shaynadorsey@ymail.com   P: 940-613-4616


Cassidy Carpenter – Agency Principal
Olive Insurance Agency, LLC
cassidyanncarpenter@yahoo.com   P: 806-786-6796
Jame Secondino Krieger
American Live Stock – A Division of Markel Service Inc.
jame@kriegerfarms.com   P: 812-208-0956
Dara C. Entwistle – Owner/Agent
Anya Pinkerton – Vice President/Agent
If you would like to be added to our Livestock Insurance list, please contact Jen Hummel at 815-922-8437.